Ministries of Bethlehem: HNCP


HNCP is a ministry of Bethlehem Church which seeks to facilitate the possibilities for increased collaboration between ministries, agencies, neighbors, governmental agencies and others who have a stake in the Heartside neighborhood.

The mission of HNCP is to increase collaboration in the Heartside Neighborhood in order to maximize resources, minimize service duplication and help neighbors to move from dependency on charity to independence and productivity to whatever extent that is possible for each individual.

HNCP does not do this work itself; rather it is its role to bring people together to best determine how they can accomplish these goals.  This requires trust, courage and a willingness to take risk on the part of all involved. HNCP nurtures and facilitates ongoing communication between neighborhood stakeholders (neighbors, business owners, government and governmental agencies, and agencies/ministries/service providers).  Successful collaboration requires the crafting of win/win situations.

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