Why We Volunteer at Bethlehem

Many hands make light work, right? At Bethlehem Lutheran Church, many hands make the Lord’s work. “Who doesn’t volunteer at Bethlehem?” says Pastor Jay Schrimpf.  Sure, the church has paid staff, but volunteers are part of the fabric at 250 Commerce Ave. SW. They are ever-present in the Sunday worship service and in the church’s outreach and social-justice ministries. They are living the words of Matthew 6:21 and Luke 12:34: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Adds Pastor Jay: “Our material treasure is our time and talents.” When several members were asked why they volunteer at Bethlehem, they responded  with a variety of reasons:

Renee‘Show love to others’

Who: Renee Veach, a Bethlehem member since 1999

Volunteer activities at BLC: Feeding America West Michigan, Hope Lodge, ACCESS
Hunger Walk

Why: “BLC offers many volunteering opportunities. We have so many people – both members and non-members – who are willing to offer their time and talents to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I am truly blessed to be able to spend time with my fellow volunteers and show love to others like Jesus has shown us.”





‘Doing God’s work’

Who: Lainie Moore, a Bethlehem member for eight years

Volunteer activities at BLC: Relay for Life, choir, MAJIC concert series

Why: “I volunteer at Bethlehem because it gives me a chance to use my time and talent doing God’s work within our neighborhood and community.”


‘To touch othevolunteersr people’s lives’

Who: Elizabeth McNicholas, a Bethlehem member for two years

Volunteer activities at BLC: Church Council president, handbell ringer, assisting
minister, communion assistant, Sunday School teacher, Relay for Life

Why: “At first, I volunteered in order to spend time with friends. Now, I continue to volunteer because I have grown to believe in and want to be a part of the mission of BLC. We have a chance to touch other people’s lives and promote social justice in all  that we do. I’m happy to be part of a church that is open and welcome to all.”


‘TBryano help spread the Good News’

Who: Bryan Bickford, a Bethlehem member for 11 years

Volunteer activity at BLC: Sunday School teacher

Why: “The people of BLC are my family. It’s my privilege and responsibility as a  member of this church family to share my time, talents and treasures with them and to help spread the Good News, especially with our youth. Plus, I have a feeling that I learn as much as they do.”








‘A true blessing’

Who: Donna Johnson, a Bethlehem member for 29 years

Volunteer activity at BLC: Hill Child Development Center

Why: “Being a grandmother to my own grandkids has been the joy of my life,
and the fact that I have been” Grandma Donna” to so many kids at Hill has been a true blessing
to me. I love to laugh with them, play with them, comfort them and learn with them.
It is so amazing to see what they can learn and achieve from the age of eight weeks
to their move up to the next room.”



 ‘It’s the right thing to do’Roger

Who: Roger Hanson, a Bethlehem member for 66 years

Volunteer activities at BLC: Feeding America, usher, assisting minister, “anything
that’s got to be done.”

Why: “I volunteer because it’s the right thing to do. I don’t have any excuses not to.”