A Simple ‘Thank You’

A Simple ‘Thank You’

By Pastor Jay Schrimpf

IMG_5657For five long weeks the kids from our Hill Child Development Center were prevented from playing on the playground between our building and Guiding Light. We had made the decision this winter to convert it from a commercial style playground (climber, sandbox, wood chips) to a natural playground (mostly grass with a dirt-digging area).

It took a lot of planning. It took a lot of volunteers from both our congregation and our synod assembly. It took an investment of funds to make it happen. For five long weeks the kids from Hill were prevented from playing on the playground. Instead they went to Heartside Park or to Mel Trotter’s playground. It was a long wait for them as we waited for the roots of the sod to take hold. Lots and lots of water was applied to keep the grass healthy.

On Monday, June 20, the children finally got their first chance to run and play on the new playground!  By all accounts they loved it!

I have to say, I have had my concerns. When our plan of using a “bobcat” to do most of the work failed, I wasn’t sure what we would do. Then I heard the rumblings from some who thought it would be impossible to grow grass back there. I worried about how much water should go on it. All of a sudden what seemed like such a good idea seemed like a big risk.

Yesterday when I was back in the red classroom, 4-year-old Mosiah came up to me and said, “Pastor Jay! Thank you so much for our new playground. I love it!” Shortly thereafter the class headed out to run, and dig, and race, and kick balls – all in their bare feet with the loveliness of grass to run on.

A simple thank you from one 4-year-old made it all worthwhile. The screams of joy, and laughter, and exuberance were frosting on the cake. So thanks to all who helped in any way with this project (and all that all of you do to make our Hill CDC ministry possible). I hope you know that the “thank you” from Mosiah is for you too!