HNCP May 2017 Update: Bringing Our Neighbors Together



By Sue Gilbert

HNCP Program Coordinator

Greetings from the Heartside Neighborhood Collaboration Project!

The weather has started to turn – slowly but surely – into spring, and you can see outdoor activity growing in the neighborhood. We are surrounded by so many different types of neighbors:

  • Those living in apartments.
  • Those staying in shelters.
  • Those living somewhere else but coming to visit or “hang out.”
  • Those providing services such as the police and GR Ambassadors.
  • Businesses with their employees and patrons.
  • Agencies with their staff, volunteers and patrons.
  • Churches with their staff and congregation members.
  • And, of course, an intergenerational center with its staff, kids, and seniors!


Heartside quality-of-life discussions include parks, lighting, and personal interactions.


So many people with so many ideas of what this neighorhood should look like and what it means to be a good neighbor. And where does Bethlehem Lutheran Church  stand in all of this? Well, we are in the heart of the discussion, not only as neighbors but as a key component to help facilitate productive conversations. The City and our neighbors have asked HNCP to come to the table to help find ways to enhance the quality of life in Heartside. This includes discussions about our parks, lighting, and personal interactions. This is both an honor and an enormous responsibility, and we’ll do our best!

I want to reiterate: HNCP collaboration involves welcoming positive input on how to best serve the neighborhood, the elicitation of open discussion, and listening to the views of all stakeholders to help determine where the common ground lies.

Sometimes issues are straightforward with obvious solutions, and other times it is  complicated. Either way, we are here to serve the best interest of the neighborhood and are striving to bring people, businesses, and agencies together to make a positive difference.

As always, thank you so much for your support of HNCP and our efforts in the neighborhood!

God bless!