Forming Intergenerational Relationships: ‘It’s Happening!’

Forming Intergenerational Relationships: ‘It’s Happening!’

By Sue Davidson

Director, Bethlehem Intergenerational Center


Hello, from the Bethlehem Intergenerational Center …

I would like to share a reflection on the journey that we as a congregation have embarked on together. Adding a senior wing to our existing early childhood wing was a wonderful, up-and-coming concept. We did the research. We know the benefits to both the young and the elderly. We knew that we would be different than other programs. We knew that we have something special to offer and share with the community. We have so much more to learn, but guess what?


It’s Happening!

BLC IC 2Opportunities for relationships to be built. Did we provide opportunities for growth in social, emotional, physical and cognitive areas? Most importantly: Do we know our friends? Did we have a plan for each and every person in our community? Young and old? Did we create a place that they were able to succeed, to find a sense of purpose and a place to share and show kindness?

Now, take a moment to think about what goes in to making this happen. We are blessed to have a wonderful staff that works so hard to make this happen each day. There has been a major change for many. This journey has created an additional full-time work load for an already overworked staff. We may whine a bit but we take on the extra work load because we believe in this ministry. It’s true to what we believe, as Grandma Donna says: “The pictures say it all.”

quoteThis is one day at the park together. One day when non-verbal became very verbal. Where teaching was taken to a new level. It’s happening! Those relationships are being built. On trust, friendship and love. I cried many happy tears this day. I knew it was happening but on this day I saw it. I hope you take the opportunity to see it – better yet experience it.

Please share this journey and opportunity with your friends and family! We are changing lives each and every day. We are the Bethlehem Intergenerational Center. The BIC is both wings – senior and early childhood. It’s even hard for me to remember but Hill is now Bethlehem Intergenerational Center. We are one.

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