The “Art” part of Music and Art for Justice in the Community

As part of the MAJIC (Music and Art for Justice in the Community) Concert Series, Bethlehem Lutheran hosts local visual artists and displays their work in its gathering spaces.

We are really excited about a couple of new developments for what’s going on with the art at Bethlehem, and not just for the 2014-15 season.

This summer Eyekons has begun collaborating with Bethlehem to bring art to our walls throughout the summer/non-MAJIC months as well. This includes a recently-hung John Swanson exhibit, that should be in place until ArtPrize, and the focus of our September MAJIC fundraiser in the form of a pre-concert ArtTalk.

We’re also looking forward to collaborating with Stafford Hiroshi Smith, an art professor at Grand Valley State University, who has agreed to curate some of our shows during the MAJIC season and who has some interesting and compelling ideas for these shows. Please check back periodically for more information as more details fall into place over the next several weeks.

We will also continue to feature ArtPrize (October) and the Kids of Hill Child Development Center (January), and will show the photography of Andrew Le (April), someone you may recognize as being involved in the music side of the series over the last couple of years.


The visual art is an important part of our MAJIC series and mission, presenting an eclectic variety of artistic styles and influences. Often the pieces are available for purchase, all proceeds going directly to the artist.  Openings are held officially at 6:30 on the nights of the concerts, and the art is viewable for the month any time the building is open. All artists are invited to speak to the audience at the MAJIC concert, and will on occasion also address one of the adult Sunday School classes and/or give a “tour” to the kids at Hill CDC.